About Us

Russell & Latoya McCutcheon

In 2017, my wife and I were assessed by Acts 29 to become a part of the Acts 29 network. Although I was a pastor of an Acts 29 church,I, personally, was not a part of Acts 29. The assessment was amazing because I felt like my wife and I would be able to connect with other men and women, but we had no desire to plant a church. I was content to just be a part of a thriving church (Fellowship Memphis).


However, all of that changed when we attended the Acts 29 Global Gathering in Nashville in July of 2017. We saw pastors and their wives from all over the world gather in Nashville. All of the stories we heard were the same — people trusting God to plant churches to spread His fame throughout the earth.


At the end of the conference, I finally shared with my wife that I believed God was calling me to plant a church. However, we didn’t know where. It was then that I remembered that John Fooshee, my lead assessor during the Acts 29 Assessment Conference and calling coach, once asked me about planting a church in Knightdale, NC.


My wife and I called him and told him about our desire to plant a church. We soon traveled to Knightdale, and it was during that trip and meeting key people in the city that God placed this area on our hearts. We viewed our time there as God’s Macedonian call to us.

John Fooshee

John has been a pastor for twenty years and has previously started two churches. As the founder of People Launching, he spends now his time launching others! He has coached over 300 people into their personal calling and consulted over 150 organizations. John received his coach training from CoachNet in 2008 and has biblical studies degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and King University. He has served in the Acts 29 Network since 2006 as a pastor, trainer of church planting coaches and coached church planters in three countries. He also has co-founded our Gospel Pathway assessment and training initiative with Elaine Webb.


He has been married to Lindsay for twenty-five years, has four kids and one daughter-in-law.